Salute! Heroic cop risked own life to save two in mob attack that killed Hyderabad techie in Karnataka’s Bidar

The news of lynching of the 28-year-old Hyderabad techie Mohammad Azam Usmansab at the hands of a mob in Karnatakas Bidar on Friday has shocked the conscience of the nation. That day, four people came under attack by a 2000-strong enraged mob in Karnatakas Bidar. The trigger behind this attack was again the suspicion of them being child-lifters. However, two of the injured would have met the same fate as the Hyderabad techie had it not been for a Police Constable who jumped to their rescue and managed to save their lives. The brave police constable Mallikarjun narrated the ordeal and struggle he went thorugh that fateful day. While Mallikarjun laments the death of Azam, he is shell-shocked by the kind of violence shown by people of villages Bootakula and Murki. Mallikarjun said that while Police was busy in saving the four co-travellers of Usmansab, a mob managed to lynch the Hyderabad youth. Mohammed Salman, Salham Al-Kuwaisi, Noor Mohammed and Afroz were travelling with Mohammad Azam Usmansab. Usmansab, along with his three friends, had come to visit their friend Mohammed Bashir Afroz at Handikera village in Bidar. While on their way back to Hyderabad they stopped near a hamlet, probably with an intention to take pictures. On noticing some children, they offered some chocolates to them, police was quoted as saying by PTI. Locals mistook them for child-lifters and started attacking them. By then, their pictures got circulated on a WhatsApp group, resulting in more people gathering, they said. Also, the car that the group was travelling in was without a number plate, fuelling further suspicion. Though they managed to escape from the spot, they were caught near Murki village, as the mob had alerted their acquaintances there. The group was beaten with stones and sticks, police said. Though police reached the spot on receiving information, they were outnumbered, and a couple of police constables were reportedly injured in the melee. Police managed to bring the situation under control and shifted them to a hospital, but Usmansab died on the way, they said. While people got hold of the four, it was Noor who managed to escape. The mob started chasing him and hurled stones at him. At this point of time, Mallikarjun was providing cover to Salham and got hit by the mob too. After this the mob turned their glare to Noor. Mallikarjun asked a fellow police officer to cover Salham and ran after the mob. To deter and disperse the mob, Mallikarjun threatened to lathicharge. A man was passing on a bike and Mallikarjun asked that man to take Noor with him. Subsequently, Noor was dropped off at his relatives place by the bike rider. Mallikarjun then started covering Salham and bore the mob beating for half an hour. Eventually, additional forces led by SP of Bidar reached the spot and pacified the mob, according to The News Minute report. But Mallikarjun had to pay a price for his bravery. People beat him with sticks and stones. He sustained injuries on his head and bruises near his eye. A huge stone was thrown by the mob and it had broken his kneecap. Mallikarjun was admitted in hospital and is currently recuperating, the report said.


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