NITI Aayog initiates community-based assessment programme for NCDs in four Maharashtra districts

The NITI Aayog has launched a community-based assessment programme in four districts of Maharashtra, viz., Washim, Gadchiroli, Osmanabad and Nandurbar, under its transformation of aspirational district programme. The programme will see ASHA workers conduct door to door survey of families, to gather information about non-communicable diseases and other ailments as a part of the initiative. These workers have been given required training and checklist to identify villagers suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cancer, mental health issue or if they are tobacco and alcohol addicts. Sanjeev Kumar, commissioner, National Health Mission (Maharashtra) told The Indian Express that four districts have already been selected as primary healthcare centres which have been upgraded as health and wellness centres. He further added that they will try to ensure that each pregnant woman and child is immunised and the health and wellness centres will be screening local villagers for NCDs in this regard. District health officials have already been directed to ensure maximum registration of pregnant women in the four districts from June 1 to August 15. An awareness programme about home-based postnatal care will also be started in order to prevent infant deaths. Local ayurvedic medicine practitioners with a BAMS degree will be provided at the sub-centres, who will be catering to more than 1000 people, Dr Sanjeev Kamble, Director of Health, Maharashtra had said. The NITI Aayog has said that the 101 aspirational districts recognised as a part of the programme will be competing with each other on the basis of improvement and will be ranked on 49 indicators. These 49 indicators include health and nutrition, education, agriculture and water resources, financial inclusion, skill development and basic infrastructure.


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