Where is Kumar Ajitabh? Bengaluru techie missing since December 2017! Police clueless; Twitterati seek justice 

Over six months have passed but there is no clue yet about Kumar Ajitabh – the Begaluru-based techie from Patna. Ajitabh went missing on December 18, 2017, allegedly while he was on his way to sell his grey Maruti Suzuki sedan. Karnataka police and the CID still have no idea about what happened to Ajitabh or his car. The 29-year-old had listed his vehicle on online marketplace OLX for sale, after he got through an executive MBA programme at Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. He had to pay around Rs 5 lakh by When he left home he was in casual wear and didn The techie left his Whitefield home after he received a call on the fateful day. His friend Divya Prakash had informed FE Online in December that he suspected the OLX buyers, who were dubious enough, might have caused harm to Ajitabh. Its time we make our voices heard and stand with #JusticeforAjitabh the boy and his family needs our help and they have already suffered a lot. Kidnapped since last 6 month, lets all get together to find Him. @ndtv pic.twitter.com\/7t2vFq3J08 org for her missing brother, where she mentioned that Ajitabh listed his Maruti Ciaz Vxi AMT on OLX to be sold for Rs. 10.80 Lacs, with which he planned to pay off his car loan as well as pay for his admission to IIM Kolkata. On Change.org, Sinha said the family had lodged a missing FIR at Whitefield Police Station, and also filed a Writ Petition later in the Karnataka High Court, seeking a CBI investigation. She also wrote, By looking at this incident, it is unbelievable why one can Honble Prime Minister of India, : #JusticeForAjitabh S. Ahluwalia (@JSAHLUWALIAG) June 29, 2018 In a report published by TOI, Sinha alleged that police failed in the initial stages of the investigation as they started using drones and sniffing dogs almost 45 days after the incident had happened. She also informed that WhatsApp and Google denied giving his message and location details to local police, gathering which would have been easier if only the case was transferred to the CID. While many users took out their rage on OLX India on Twitter, however, there was no response from the online sales platform; many others shared the Lookout notice for Kumar Ajitabh by the Karnataka police, and few others shared the petition link – but all voiced the same concern about how a person went missing without leaving any trace, and police failed to come out with an answer. He has been kidnapped since more than 6 months from #Bangalore, when he went to meet a prospective buyer of OLX to sell his car. Police CID, Karnataka are clueless! We demand CBI help and lets fight for #[email protected] @MirrorNow pic.twitter.com\/olnnFiOdDU \u2014 Vikash (@S21Nawab_) July 1, 2018


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