Petrol price hike sets Twitterati’s imagination on fire

Petrol and diesel prices have skyrocketed. While petrol prices has reached Rs. 76.57 in Delhi, it touched Rs. 84 in Mumbai. Due to the surge in prices because of rise in international oil prices, the government has been on the receiving end of the backlash since the hikes because of the taxes imposed on the petrol. Fuel prices differ from state to state, depending on the percentage of tax levied on it. Under the previous government, petrol and diesel prices were regulated by the government, meaning government controlled the prices of fuel from rising by giving subsidies even when international oil prices were on the rise. But as the NDA took over, it deregulated the petrol, giving autonomy to the oil companies to regulate the prices. Hence even when the international oil prices fall, its benefit is not always transmitted to consumers. In 2017, the government came up with a daily price revision scheme under which fuel prices are revised on a daily basis. People who will have to pay more for petrol are now disappointed with the recent hikes. This is how people are reacting to petrol price hike on twitter Our affair started when i was 20 you were 20, when i was 25 you went to 40 and now in my 30s you have gone up to 80s! Wish i can break up with u! Dear PETROL dont go beyond 80 cos my pockets are already EMPTY! #PetrolPrice @narendramodi ji jo bhi karte hai.. aache k liye hi karte hai, haina modiji? #petrolpricehike twitter.com\/RO5jKGbIO3 . Congrats India for this disaster ????????#FuelOnFire #FuelPriceHike #petrolpricehike #Diesel #India #BeingIndian #ThinkIndia twitter.com\/ZGTu63ZETH PM @narendramodi for #achedin. If you wouldnt have came into power none of Indians would have seen such good days in life. Bahut hui saste #Petrol aur #Diesel ki mar ab ki bar lootero ki sarkar.#petrolpricehike pic.twitter.com\/EmRANgziVY They are asking political parties and celebrities to raise their voice against the recent hikes and also now demanding that hikes should be recalled.