In a first Delhi’s government hospitals, GTB Hospital to get its own bone bank on June 9

Come June 9 and Delhis Guru Teg Bahadur (GTB) Hospital will earn the distinction of being the first government-run hopspital in Delhi-NCR to get its own bone bank, a move that is set to revolutionalise orthopaedic medicine in the national capital. Bone banks are essential for providing biological material for different orthopaedic procedures, ranging from high-energy trauma cases to arthroplasty procedures such as replacement of the hip, joints, knee etc. The biological material is usually used for medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. It is present inside each living organisms. They are natural biocompatible materials that consist of a whole or a part of a living structure or biomedical device that replaces a natural function. Speaking to The Indian Express, orthopaedic doctors explained that bone banks are essential for transplantation and the development of new surgical techniques. Losses of musculoskeletal tissue or bone due to different situations have become common, especially with the longevity of population and surgical conditions, even in younger patients, a senior orthopaedic doctor told IE. The doctors also explained that the best material for replacing bone losses is from the individual himself or herself. But often there are donor site complications, such as increased duration of surgery, bleeding or fractures Indias first cadaveric bone bank was opened in 1999. However, it had received only 24 cadaver donations till May 2017. The donated bones could be used to fill cavities left by major surgeries. It can also be used for replacing a lost segment of bone, due to injury, infection or cancer