Virat Kohli’s doppelganger spotted. You can’t stop laughing how it happened

Political leaders in India often leave no stone unturned to attract voters towards them and in turn the votes. The country has seen lots of bizarre election campaigns, from giving away free liquor or handing over cash to those who voted. Recently, this trend reached a whole new level with a Gram Panchayat election candidate promising to bring Indian cricketer to the town. Vitthal Ganpat Ghavate, the candidate from Ramalinga Gram Panchayat in Shirur, who was contesting for the post of Sarpanch promised his voters that the skipper will attend a rally on May 25. The word spread and Ghavates billboards were put up along with the photo of the star cricketer at many places. But what happened afterwards only left voters disheartened. As it turned out, Virat Kohli was not even informed about the event – but the organizers came up with a lookalike of Virat Kohli. Celebrity endorsement is nothing new in Indian politics, many a time celebrities have shown up in election rallies to support their favourite candidates. But Virat Kohli to show up in a Gram Panchayat election would have been too much. There is a very definite reason behind promising to call Virat Kohli though. The election symbol of Ramalinga Development Panel is a cricket bat, and there is no batsman in the world right now, more famous or better than Virat Kohli. Vitthal Ganpat Ghavate and his campaigners might have thought, what better way to promote themselves and their election symbol, other than bringing Kohli for the campaign! The Indian cricketer, however, has not yet commented on the incident, despite his fans tagging him in Alexis Rooneys tweet saying, So this actually happened. They put up an election rally ad saying Virat Kohli is going to campaign for us and they actually fooled public by bringing a lookalike of Virat Kohli and sharing photos on Twitter.