Rest in peace, Lini! Perambra Taluk Hospital’s Brave Heart died saving Nipah-infected lives

In the latest development, the Kerala government has announced today an ex-gratia amount of Rs 10 lakh each to the children of the Malayali nurse Lini, who died saving Nipah-infected lives. Her husband has also been offered a job, as per Manorama News online report. When 28 year old Lini penned a poignant farewell letter to her husband in Bahrain whom she referred to as Sajeeshettan, she conveyed not just the personal struggles of her professional life but also the unspoken health hazards and financial instability of her profession as a nurse. The last words in Linis letter, as quoted in several local reports, conveyed to her husband, I am almost on the way.I dont think I can meet you again..sorry..please take the kids to the Gulf. Dont be lonely… . Linis last words went viral. She died yesterday, leaving behind two children and a husband who is working in Bahrain. Her children are too young to know why their mother is not coming back to them but they may be relieved to know that their father who worked in Bahrain has been offered a job by the Kerala government. Signing off with those last words, Lini had made the ultimate sacrifice with her life. Following her death, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Health Minister KK Shailaja Teacher penned their personal tributes to the 28 year old nurse through Facebook posts. To Jijina, however, who had worked closely with Lini and knew her personally, it was a heartbreaking moment as she broke down while talking to local media reporters about the kindness that Lini had always shown to everyone around her, particularly her patients. Lini showed love towards everyone, she was always like that, she used to treat every patient under her care as her own family member, Jijina told Malayala Manorama. I was shattered by the news of her death, especially when I think of her children, In her Facebook post, Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja Teacher stated that she had reached out to Linis husband, Sajeesh. She has assured that the state government would take all stringent measures to protect the family and expressed condolences to Linis family. However, it is through Linis colleague Jijinas statements reported by Malayala Manorama today that we can get a fleeting glimpse of 28 year old Linis real struggles. A nurse for six years, Lini struggled to make both ends meet financially. The biggest problem she faced was paying off her education loan of Rs 2 lakh which she had borrowed from the local co-operative bank. For six years, Lini had been working in a private hospital but she was still struggling to pay off her loan, not to mention the interest that is multiplying and beyond her limited means. Last year, Lini left her job in a private hospital and opted to work in the Perambra Taluk hospital. Once again, she was joining at a crucial time, namely, during the Dengue outbreak in Kerala. How did Lini get exposed to the Nipah virus and what went wrong? According to Jijinas quote as reported by Manorama today, Saabith, a patient who was infected by the Nipah virus and died later, was being taken care of by Lini. The 28 year old nurse also had to actively supervise the treatment of his close relatives who were infected. Following this, Lini contracted the Nipah virus infection and it led to her death, as per local news reports. Lini was a temporary employee at the Perambra Taluk hospital, where she contracted the Nipah virus. She had just started the process of paying off her loan when the Nipah virus struck her down. The 28 year old Malayali nurse also died before she could send in her application to the concerned authorities, for requesting to be made a permanent employee of the hospital. The Perambra Taluk hospitals Brave Heart has conquered all hearts, received tributes from all over the country and the world knows her name today as the nurse who died serving and saving Nipah-infected lives. Rest in peace, Lini!