Madhya Pradesh: Student withdraws ‘fake’ rape case against Congress MLA Hemant Katare

A journalism student in Madhya Pradesh has filed an affidavit in High Court stating that FIRs filed by the police on the basis of her complaints against Congress MLA Hemant Katare were fake. The girl, who was in Jabalpur on Thursday, said that she was being used as a political tool between Katare and BJP leader Arvind Bhadoriya. She said that she had wrongly framed Katare in the case and allegations levelled against him were false. She even said that Bhadoriya was hatching a conspiracy against Katare. According to a report by The Indian Express, police had in January arrested the girl after Katare filed a complaint alleging that she was blackmailing him. Later, when the girl was released on bail, she filed a complaint in which she accused the MLA of kidnapping, raping and blackmailing her. The police filed a case against the MLA but he was not arrested. In her affidavit, the girl claimed that when she was lodged in the Bhopal Central Jail in January in connection with an extortion case, the co-accused in the case whom she named Vikramjeet, came to meet her. He was accompanied by a lawyer. She said that the date was January 27. Vikramjeet told her that he had come to meet her after meeting Bhadoriya. The lawyer who was accompanying Vikramjeet said that Bhadoriya has given assurance that her case will be fought free. The girl said that after she signed the vakalatnaama, she was told that she will have to file a rape case against Katare. Initially, she said that she had refused to do so. But after months of harassment, she filed a case against him. She said that the lawyer had persuaded her to file fake complaints against Katare and threatened that she will have to stay in jail for three months. Speaking to the daily, Bhadoriya denied all allegations and said that he was exploring legal options. The BJP leader said that he is ready for probe by any agency. He added that a conspiracy was being hatched to kill him. He noted that it was Katare who had accused the girl of blackmailing him. Katare had defeated Bhadoriya in bypoll last year in the Atar constituency and the two have been levelling allegations against each other since then.