DU admissions done? From luxury abodes with 5-star facilities to basic low-rent PGs, the different options for students in Delhi

All set to begin your new innings in the national capital? If you are already done with the complexities of the admissions process and have now set sight on how you would like to spend your next three years, and beyond in Delhi, accommodation is sure to be playing on top of your mind as well as your parents. Every year around the admission season, Delhi stands witness to an influx of thousands of students from across the country. Many property owners around the North Campus of Delhi University have seized this opportunity to create a business, and so have the students of Delhi University. A start-up launched by four such students from the Ramjas College provides lodging to new students which not only includes housing and food but also gym facilities and unlimited soft drinks. The Indian Express has reported that the start-up YourShell, that started with a Rs 35 lakh grant from the Government of India in 2016, amassed Rs 8 lakhs in just 22 days this year. Its founders started their career as aggregators. Aggregators are the students who direct newcomers to certain PGs, and get 15 days of rent from the PG owners and managers in return. Many homeowners in the North Campus area are giving out their properties on rent to PG managers and living elsewhere. Bobby Grover, a property dealer, told IE that, Many of these luxury PGs are now offering four buffet meals a day, gyms, unlimited soft drinks and hot beverages, medical facilities, and recreation areas with pool tables, Playstations, table-tennis courts and even swimming pools. The students are spending up to Rs 25,000 per month, for a single bed in a double-seater room to avail these facilities. She also predicts that many small local players might as well back out, due to the rising demand of such PGs. However, Paro Tomar, a student, cites another reason. Placio co-founder, Rohit Pateira informed IE, That is what we are bringing into it is organisation. Everyone has increased their price by at least a thousand rupees, informed Karandeep Singh, a broker from the area.


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