Obey traffic rules, or else! When Yamaraj took to Bengaluru streets to educate commuters on road safety

Hate obeying traffic rules and listening to advice against breaking rules? You better keep your eyes and ears open. For, it is none other than death god Yamaraj who is walking the streets in Bengaluru. In a unique measure to get commuters to obey traffic rules in Bengaluru, a theatre artist dressed up as Yamraj (Hindu Lord of death) has been deployed to spread the message of safety on roads. The man is trying to help the citys traffic police drive to raise traffic awareness about traffic rules in the city. His message is clear. Obey traffic rules and protect your life (sic). Dressed as Yamraj, replete with the moustache and the mace, theatre artist Veeresh can be seen on roads in Bengaluru warning bikers not wearing helmets or disobeying traffic rules, on the dangers of reckless driving and other violations. It was the Halasuru Gate traffic police that decided to make Yamaraj its brand ambassador to spread its message to traffic violators. The Bengaluru Traffic Police is observing July as the road safety month. Speaking to PTI, Deputy Commissioner of traffic police Anupam Agrawal has earlier said that a number of programmes like lectures in schools and colleges and street-plays would also conduct in the city to spread awareness among commuters in the city. The character of Yamaraj was used to send messages to the people that in case they fail to follow the traffic rules, then he would come to their homes. Veeresh, who performs in Hindu mythology-based dramas, was picked for the job of stopping traffic violators and advising them to follow the traffic rules. He, in some cases, also sat on pillion with riders to reinforce the idea of The pictures of Yamaraj spreading awareness on road safety is going viral on social media and has won a lot of appreciation. As per traffic police, this campaign has minimized the accidents in the city. In 2016 about 7,506 accidents took place in Bengaluru, out of which, 754 were fatal. Last year around 5,064 accidents were reported and 2,336 accidents were reported by June this year.


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