IPS officer Basant Rath allegedly slaps man, video creates buzz on social media

A video surfaced on social media purportedly showing Inspector General of Police (Traffic), Jammu and Kashmir, Basant Rath slapping a person repeatedly and calling him Giving his side of the story, the IPS officer on Twitter said the 40-second video was part of a 25 odd minutes long conversation with the man which led to the scuffle. The video shows Rath, who is not in uniform, calling an unidentified person He slaps the person at least four times asking him to shut up. The police officer said the mans friends created a scene which then triggered the scuffle. This is the biggest achievement of my life. Life, not career, He said the video is a part of a He asked me a lot of questions that were political in nature. I trusted him as a friend. And my answers were honest and politically incorrect, IPS officer said Ten odd minutes into our conversation, I realised that a couple of his friends were recording our conversation. When I asked them to stop it and delete the videos, they created a scene. That triggered the scuffle, Rath said the incident was more than two months old and he would No police complaint has been filed in the matter, police said.


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