Top Indian-origin hotelier Surinder Arora in UK in legal battle with Britain’s Heathrow Airport

An Indian-origin hotelier, Surinder Arora, is taking legal action against Britains Heathrow Airport for his right to build a nine-storey car park at one of the worlds biggest airport hubs. Arora has issued a UK High Court claim against the west London airport over his plans to build a 2,077-space nine-storey car park on a land he owns at Heathrow. While Heathrow Airport Limited claims it alone is entitled to build these spaces, Arora has challenged that claim, The Sunday Times reported. Under local planning rules, a maximum of 42,000 car parking spaces are allowed at the airport. Arora believes the 42,000 cap refers to the airport site as a whole, of which his land is a part and therefore should allow him the right to build car-park spaces too. A planning application has been pending with Hillingdon Council since 2015. Unable to secure approval for his multi-storey car park, Arora was allowed to build a smaller version with 1,000 spaces and five storeys on the site, which opened last year. However, the 59-year-old Punjab-born entrepreneur behind a chain of hotels in the UK wants to add another four floors and undercut parking charges at Heathrow But the newspaper notes that Heathrow guards its car parking rights jealously. As well as earning money from drivers, they allow it to reap returns from airline passengers by adding the value of the car parks to its asset base, currently worth 15.8 billion pounds. The newspaper also claims that the current row is about more than just car parking. It is a proxy for Aroras broader battle with the airport on whether competition should be allowed. The businessman wants the right to build a third runway at the airport, and has backing from airlines including British Airways for his cut-price plan. Heathrow, however, claims the right to develop the runway is its alone. Arora, with an estimated fortune of 349 million pounds in the latest 2018 edition of Heathrow thinks Arora should exhaust the planning process before going to court.


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