Punjab government cracks down on rumour-mongers for spreading misinformation on Measles-Rubella vaccination campaign

The Government of Punjab is all set to act against the people who have allegedly been spreading false information against the ongoing vaccine drive in the state. According to an Indian Express report, the Mansa police has registered an FIR against a person who has been identified as Nazam Singh alias Ghora for spreading misleading information against Measles Rubella (MR) campaign. The accused who hails from the Kot Dharmu village has posted a video on his Facebook account against the drive. In the video, Nazam had claimed that he along with some other people had made the MR drive volunteers He also said that many kids had fallen sick in their village. Further, the video shows Nazam claiming that the team had come to their village with As the video went viral, a police complaint was filed by the civil surgeon, Mansa. After day 1 of the vaccine, four children were taken to the government hospital after they experienced some uneasiness after getting vaccinated. They were discharged a few hours later. It was also reported that following the rumours many private schools had refused to get the injections administered to the children on their campuses. Nodal officer of MR campaign, Dr G B Singh said, We are yet to get the count of such schools but they are in almost every district. We will visit these schools again and convince them to get the children vaccinated. Earlier in Chandigarh as well, the administration had faced similar problem from reputed schools. However, later on, they achieved 97 percent success in vaccination drive and we will be surpassing the figures of Chandigarh. Already, this vaccine has been administered in 14 states including UT Chandigarh covering eight crore children. On May 2, Brahm Mohindra, the Punjab Health Minister had said that appropriate action will be taken against people spreading false information about Measles Rubella (MR) vaccine. A set of instructions were given by the minister to the cyber crime cell in order to identify the people who have been generating false and misleading information against the vaccine. Mohindra on May 1 had launched a state-level MR vaccination campaign from Faridkot district and 2,36,043 children were vaccinated on the first day. Later in the day, when rumours spread over social media claiming that the vaccine can cause impotency in children, the Punjab Minister had said that rumormongers should come out with facts.