What a change! Modi-Rahul appear on same Congress poster in Mumbai

It seems Rahul Gandhis hug to PM Narendra Modi has sent a wave of excitement among the workers of the Congress party. While most leaders have elatedly praised Rahul Gandhis speech, actions of some are unprecedented. The Mumbai unit of Congress party has put up hoardings and posters of Gandhi giving a hug to the prime minister. The posters, put up in Andheri, said, not through hatred, we will win through love. On Friday, Gandhi created a splash in the Lok Sabha by hugging PM Modi, surprising the latter. The next day, the Congress chief said that only way to build a nation was by harnessing love and compassion of people. Gandhi added that the debate in Parliament on the no-confidence motion was about the prime minister using hate, fear and anger in the hearts of some people to build his narrative, and the Congress countering that through love and compassion. . PM uses Hate, Fear and Anger in the hearts of some of our people to build his narrative. We are going to prove that Love and Compassion in the hearts of all Indians, is the only way to build a nation (sic), In his 45-minute fiery speech, Gandhi accused Modi of unleashing jumla strike on people in the form of demonetisation, joblessness, Rafale deal, poor state of economy, mob violence, lynching, and incidents of alleged atrocities on Dalits and women. However, in a surprising act, Gandhi walked across the aisle to Modi and hugged him. A surprised Modi shook Gandhis hands but apparently ignored his call to stand so that he could hug the BJP leader. Later, on Saturday, Modi said that Gandhis hug was unwanted.


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