Selfie lands police trainee in jail, here’s what happened

A sudden desire to click a selfie at the wrong time and in a wrong place landed a police trainee in jail. Ram Avtar Rawat, a trainee constable in Madhya Pradeshs Bhopal landed himself in trouble after he dared to sit on the chief judicial magistrates chair in Umaria and even tried to click a selfie. According to a Times of India report, the incident took place when Rawat saw the judge Rawat acted on his sudden impulse to sit on the judge While Rawat was busy taking selfies with the chief judicial magistrate He was baffled to see the police trainee sitting on the judges chair and on top of that he was taking selfies. The report further states that as the judicial staffer objected and confronted Rawat over his action. Rawat allegedly flew into a rage and soon after started abusing the staffer. The report also states that Rawat tried to take advantage of his police background to cover up for his action. The police trainee said he is a policeman and no one can stop him from doing what he wanted. Soon after the police trainee made this statement, he received a befitting lesson. As soon as the incident took place, police were called and Rawat was taken into custody. As for his punishment is concerned, Rawat was charged with trespassing under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. During questioning it was revealed that the accused was a trainee in police academy and dared to take the selfie for fun. While Rawat was not kept in the jail for long and granted bail soon after, an incident like this can cause some serious trouble for people. The report further stated that such an incident can lead to a year


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