Patna shocker: 14-year-old vegetable vendor allegedly jailed for refusing to give free jackfruit to cop

A 14-year-old vegetable vendor was allegedly arrested for refusing a jackfruit to a police officer in Bihar. The minor was falsely booked in a theft case after he refused the demand of a free jackfruit by a police officer and the incident is being probed after an order by state chief minister Nitish Kumar. The JD(U) leader ordered Zonal Inspector of Patna, General of Police N H Khan to probe the case, who further met the boy and his parents in Beur Jail. The report will be submitted by Monday. The case came to light when the boys parents went to the Patna SSP for help and it was reported by a local TV Channel. The boy who is 14 as per his Adhaar card details was shown as 19 by the Agamukuan Police. He was arrested without any investigation in the alleged bike theft case. He neither had any past criminal record nor did he have any link with other two accused of the same case. The boy with his parents lives in the Chitragupt Nagar area from where he was arrested on March 19. A senior officer told The Indian Express, If policemen are found guilty, they will get exemplary punishment, Patna DIG Rajesh Kumar and Patna SSP would assist Khan in the probe. The father claimed in his complaint that on March 19, a police jeep stopped near his house and a police constable and the police station in-charge wanted to see his son. He later learnt that Agamkuan police had slapped a bike theft case on his son, and was sent to Beur Jail, on March 21. All of this conspired when the vegetable seller who has a stall bordering Patrakar Nagar and Agamkuan police stations, was not at the stall instead his son was looking after it. The policemen often asked for free vegetables and did the same on that day. A policeman from Agamkuan asked for some jackfruit. As it was selling at Rs 80 per kg, my son refused to give for free. He was scolded and threatened with grave consequences.


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