PM Narendra Modi to inaugurate four new projects at AIIMS today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be inaugurating four key projects at Delhis All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Friday. These include a connecting tunnel between the main AIIMS building and its trauma facility, a Dharamshala consisting of 360 beds for patients attendants, a newly built emergency of Safdarjung and super specialty blocks. According to sources, all these projects are already complete and are currently functional on a trial basis. A research project is also underway – the funds were approved way back in 2014 but it couldnt get begin at that time. The research will be based on emerging public health challenges. The work on the NCA will finish by March 2020, according to a doctor at AIIMS. The tunnel which was completed last year, had been in use for a few months now to transport the critically ill patients to the trauma centre located on the busy Ring Road. Patients are transported through the tunnel in just 5 minutes instead of the 20-30 minutes it took otherwise.


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