Its Dinesh Sharma after Biplab Deb: UP Deputy CM says ‘live telecast, journalism started during Mahabharat’

Uttar Pradesh Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma today backed Tripura CM Biplab Debs remark that the Internet was available during the Mahabharat. Speaking at an event in Mathura to mark Hindi Journalism Day, Sharma said that live telecast and journalism started during the Mahabharat. Sharma even cited several instances from Mahabharat to back his claim. He said that Sanjaya, a character from the Mahabharat, who was sitting in Hastinapur (now called Delhi), was narrating the events from the battlefield Kurukshetra to blind King Dhritarashtra. Sharma further equated Narad, another character from Mahabharat and Ramayan, with search engine Google. Describing Narad Muni as Earlier in April, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had linked Narad Muni with Google. He had said that Narad Muni had information about everything happening in the whole world. Just like Narad Muni, Google is the source of information, he had said. Tripura CM Biplab Deb had drawn flak when he had claimed that Internet existed during Mahabharata. He had claimed that India has been using the Internet since ages and that satellite also existed during the period. He too had cited Sanjays character to attest his claim. This was due to Internet and technology.