Explained: Gender parity can boost economy

India can add $770 billion to its GDP by 2025 At present, the contribution of women to Indias GDP is 18% The study underlines that more than 70% of the potential GDP opportunity would come from increasing womens participation in the labour force by 10 percentage points. In the Asia-Pacific region, advancing gender equality could add $4.5 trillion to the region China, where women contribute 41% to the overall GDP and comprise 44% of the workforce, would benefit the most ($2.6 trillion addition to its GDP) by addressing gender inequality. In the Asia-Pacific region, women contribute 36% to GDP and make up 37% of the workforce, almost in line with the global figures of 36% and 39%. The report suggests that the government should make a concerted effort to expand job opportunities for women and expand training and connectivity to markets.


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