Dileep row: AMMA should have stood with the actress, not the accused, says lyricist-musician Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri

Noted lyricist-musician Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri has come out in support of the four actresses who resigned from AMMA. He termed their action as a brave decision. Artists are alone, be it in their world of art or in their personal life. For the rich and the powerful, organisations are accessories that they can use to flaunt their clout and position. Beyond this, organisations have no meaning for the ordinary people. Around 99 per cent in the organisation are either dependents or satellites that revolve around prominent actors, hoping for some kind of assistance. Adding his personal experience with AMMA, Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri said, When I was hospitalised, some of the AMMA members came to visit actor Jagathy who was also hospitalized in the room next to mine. They visited me only because I happened to be in the same hospital as Jagathy. Beyond that one visit, no one has extended any assistance or help to me. I have acted in a few films but I have never asked for a membership in the organisation called AMMA. I dont intend to ask in future also. Speaking to reporters, Kaithram said, AMMA should have supported the actress, who was assaulted and not Mr. Dileep. The noted musician criticised the undue haste with which AMMAs members reinstated the tainted actor while proceedings against him are pending in court. He reiterated that the organisation should have supported the actress, not the accused. READ: Is Mohanlal alone responsible for reinstating Dileep, what about Mammootty, asks K.Surendran AMMA, led by Mohanlal, has come under considerable flak for reinstating actor Dileep, who is facing charges in connection with a criminal case pertaining to the abduction and assault of a leading Malayalam actress. Meanwhile, the Kannada film industry has come forward and extended its support to the four actresses from Women in Cinema Collective. The Kannada film industry, represented by the organisations KFI and FIRE, has asked AMMA to revoke its reinstatement of actor Dileep till all charges against the actor are cleared in accordance with the process of law.


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