‘Karnataka mandate pro-BJP’, Amit Shah poses 5 questions to Congress, JD(S)

BJP president Amit Shah today said the Karnataka Assembly poll verdict was against the Congress and described the alliance between the JD(S) and Congress as unholy. Addressing media at BJP HQ, Shah also explained why the BJP staked the claim to form the government in the state. He said the mandate was pro-BJP and since the party had emerged as the single largest party, it had the first right to form a government. Shah further accused the Congress of playing caste and communal card in the elections. He also claimed that people are not happy with JD(S) and Congress alliance. Shah asked the two parties to explain to people the reason for which they are celebrating. Shah asserted the Congress lawyer lied in the Supreme Court that BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa had sought seven days time from the Governor to prove majority on the floor of the Karnataka Assembly. Shah said the mandate given by people of Karnataka was against Congress. No one has the majority. Should the polls be held again? Shah explained if the BJP had not staked claim to form government, it would have been against the mandate of Karnatakas people. 2. Shah said the Congress must explain to people of Karnataka why they are celebrating even when most of their ministers have lost the election. CM lost from one seat. Similarly, he asked, why is JDS celebrating? For getting 37 seats?. 3. Amit Shah reminded Congress that the BJP has won 14 states after 2014 general elections. 4. Targeting the Congress for questioning the Election Commission and authenticity of the EVMs earlier, Shah said, I hope this new definition of victory continues till 2019, 5. Shah also ruled out any threat to the BJP from opposition parties and exuded confidence that the BJP will return to power in next years general elections. \u201cWhat can Mamata Banerjee do alone in the Lok Sabha elections, or what can Rahul Gandhi do in West Bengal in the Lok Sabha elections alone?\u201d