Oops! Congress tags Priyanka Chopra to take on Modi ‘lie’, deletes tweet – Here’s what happened

Twitter is an amazing place, not easy for users to be right all the time. Congress party got a taste of this on Wednesday while taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In what can be easily termed as an embarrassment, the grand old party tried to bust PM Modis claims at a rally in Punjab, but wrongly tagged cinema star Priyanka Chopra instead of Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi. PM Modi is lying about Soil Testing Labs too. During UPA regime there were 1141 Soil testing laboratories: @priyankachopra, the Congress had tweeted. Though the tweet was deleted later, the partys social media cell gave enough time to the opposition to pounce on the Congress, and its president Rahul Gandhi. I mean really, @INCIndiaLive ? Priyanka Chopra?? I mean seriously?? tweeted one user. In other tweets attributed to Chaturvedi, the official Congress handle said: Congress has taken immediate steps to waive farm loans as in the case of Punjab and Karnataka. Modi govt is just a #SuitBootSarkar. Most important issue is, for the first time since independence, by implementing GST Modi govt levied taxes on farming equipments. Can PM Modi answer what is the increase in MSP based on the rising fuel prices? We had asked PM Modi clearly that whether the MSPs provided satisfy the guidelines of CACP? If yes, then why dont they release the amount recommended in CACP guidelines?. In his speech, PM Modi had accused the Congress of betraying farmers and using them only as a vote bank. The policies of Congress-led governments forced farmers to live a life of despair for decades, the prime minister said, adding the NDA government is trying to restore respect to farmers and soldiers and is committed to double farmers income by 2022. The prime minister said, I know why for years you could fetch only 10 per cent profit on the cost of inputs incurred by you.Farmers are the soul of our nation, they are our annadata. But the Congress always betrayed them and told lies to them. The Congress used them as a vote bank.We had promised to double the income of farmers by 2022 and efforts are being made in this direction for the past four years. On the issue of stubble burning, PM Modi said, I want to talk about the important issue of stubble burning from this platform. The central government is working seriously on this issue so that farmers are not compelled to burn agricultural residue after harvesting. The Congress, however, hit back at the PM, terming his claims as mere jumlas (rhetoric) and accused him of making false promises. Prime Minister Narendra Modis first farmer rally in Punjab after announcing the There were no farmers in the rally, neither the rented crowd, nor their own BJP workers were impressed by his speech laced with white lies. It is time Modiji faced the stark reality and the poor response of the farmers to his speech today is a clear indicator of Modi losing grip on the narrative, Chaturvedi told reporters.


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