Delhi AIIMS sings MoU with IIT Kharagpur for collaboration in education, research

The AIIMS here has signed an MoU with the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, for institutional collaboration in education, research outreach programme and medical services. According to a government official, the primary objective is to promote interaction and collaboration among faculty members, scientists and students of the two premier institutes in their respective domains, to carry out joint academic and research programmes, joint supervision of masters and doctoral students, and collaborative research. The broad areas of cooperation identified under this MoU include initiating joint academic programs such as PhD, MD-PhD, MSc-PhD and other courses. It includes coordinated internship programmes for students from AIIMS and IIT Kharagpur and exploring opportunities of undertaking joint research projects for which funding from external agencies may be sought. As part of the memorandum of understanding (MoU), the two institutions will explore the use of each others, facilities exchange and analysis of data for education and research purpose on mutually agreeable terms and conditions. Each party has agreed to respond appropriately for ensuring protection and privacy of the data shared in the process. Necessary approval will be taken whenever required, the official said, adding for the joint endeavours, the institutes will try to raise funds from various international and national funding agencies, government and other bodies.


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