Watch: ‘You are laughing because you’re unable to see God in me’, says Gujarat official show-caused for absenteeism

Gujarat government engineer Rameshchandra Fefar has courted controversy over his bizarre reply to a show-cause notice issued to him for his absence from work. In an interview to media, the superintendent engineer claimed that the people are mocking him just like members of the royal court of Hastinapur did, who couldn In his reply to the governments notice, Rameshchandra had claimed that he is an avatar of Kalki, 10th incarnation of Krishna, and has ushered in Satyug from September 16, 2012 at 7:30 am. #WATCH: A Gujarat govt official Rameshchandra Fefar,who claims that he is incarnation of Kalki, 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu,said, Just like everybody laughed at me at the time of Mahabharata, you guys are doing the same because youre unable to see God in me. (18.5.2018)\/QJWLErLuK0 In his bizarre reply to the show-cause notice, Fefar describing himself as Kalki said that he was observing penance in the fifth dimension to He justified his absence saying that due to his Speaking to reporters in Rajkot, Fefar said that he lived during the age of Mahabharata and possesses divine powers, which he realised while in office in March 2010. An employee of the states irrigation department, Fefar claimed that people have always failed to recognise him and even drew parallels to his presence as Krishna during Mahabharata times. Fefar said, When asked about his negligence towards his family members, Fefar explained that God gets separated from his wife in every birth and he was no different. He went on to proclaim Baba Ramdev as among the few The SSPA has said that the disciplinary authority of the irrigation department will decide on the action to be initiated against him.