Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane on Patanjali’s Kimbho app? Twitter roasts ‘desi Whatsapp’ before it disappears

Baba Ramdevs latest offering couldnt last long, but did leave an impact. Before disappearing from Google Play Store within a day of its launch, Patanjalis Kimbho messaging app took Twitter by storm. This came just days after Ramdev surprised netizens with the launch of BSNL-Patanjali Swadeshi Sammriddhi SIM card for Patanjali employees, members of its associated organisations and those holding Swadeshi Samriddhi Cards offered by the firm. As per Patanjali Communications, Kimbho was aimed at taking on popular messaging app Whatsapp. Interestingly, in common Sanskrit parley, Kimbho literally means Whats up. The phrase is used to ask about someone Kimbho can also be said to be the Sanskrit equivalent of Kimbho meaning: Know what Patanjali Kimbho means Some users claimed Hocanes image was replaced after it was pointed out. This, however, didnt stop Twiteratti from roasting Kimbho with memes and jokes, even after it was taken off. Take a look at some of them: Baba Ramdevs Kimbho app deleted from Play Store, was it because of Pak actress or because its unsafe Baba Ramdevs Kimbho chat app has been deleted from the Google Play Store. It is also no longer. #Kimbho #KimbhoApp. ???????????????????????????????????? My thoughts: Basically it The emojis are stereotypically desi. What Baba lifts Pics from Fremont (US) #KIMBHO\/efquGiiPjt Whatsapp was meant to sound like whats up? and kimbho has the same meaning in Sanskrit. Even the logo (may god forgive me for calling that thing a logo) is an ugly copy of WhatsApp. On a serious note,wonder where are the SIM cards sourced from,where is Kimbhos server locatedwhat are norms for subs data protection?The answers would be illuminating. I aint sure about the mental condition of people who still support him. jai ho baba\/piCBzf7O6F ???? It is secure, which means not technically. Since, you chat over internet it stops airborne diseases! Nice move sir [email protected] youre confused with that word secure I guess! ????. #patanjali .. Super lazy development and plz atleast get your developer a professional email id\/SQSQnIHx3P Kimbho team is so dumb that they didnt even changed the OTP SMS format!! Even the description n pics used are same as Bolo app! ????\/40yRxZKbLX ????\/1T5nJT4Hh9 While on Android #Kimbho app says its from Patanjali, on iOS it says its from Appdios.? Did they develop it for Patanjali? Also, How does the app have Mawra Hocanes pic in the ad on play store? If you know what I mean.\/x5bqPaiH0U\/Tnd8UySW0k Baba lifts Pics from Fremont (US) #KIMBHO\/efquGiiPjt